Deacons Ministry

The goal of the Deacon's Ministry is to meet the ministry needs of our congregation. Deacons are assigned members according to their last name. Members may call the church office to obtain contact information for his or her assigned Deacon. The designated Deacon will be contacted upon knowledge of sickness, bereavement and other caring needs.

Deacon Dan Thrower Sr. - Chairman  - A,B & V

Deacon Joe Brown - C

Deacon Larry Bumpus - D & E

Deacon LT Bradley - G & F

Deacon John Johnson, Jr - H, I & Y

Deacon Charles Dixon - J & K

 Deacon Gernote Wade - L

Deacon Vincent Stewart - M

Deacon Jonathan Lee - N, O & P

Deacon Hubert Wells - R

Deacon Dennis Chiles - Sa - Sh

Deacon Joe Johnson - Si - Sz

Deacon Derrick Wilson - T

Deacon James Clifton

Deacon Arthur Dawson  - Widows