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Saint Paul Baptist Church
Campus: 1777 Statham Boulevard Oxnard , CA 93033 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 642 Oxnard, CA 93032

Administration: 805.487.2015
FAX: 805.487.2204


Welcome to the St. Paul Seminary and Bible Institute (SPSBI), an evangelical center of faith and learning where people study God's Word and fulfill God's calling in their lives.


Our Mission - Under the authority of God and His Word and in commitment to Christ and His Church, the SPSBI exists to equip and motivate people to advance the cause of Christ through ministries that educate, edify and evangelize.


Onsite Core Classes - Christlology in the Gospel of John; Theology I & II; New Testament and Old Testament Surveys; Christian Ethics I & II; Apologetics I & II; Angelology; Homiletics I & II; Hermeneutics I & II; Church History; Cult Awarness.


Correspondence Classes are also offered.


Accreditation: Saint Paul Seminary and Bible Institute is accredited through the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries.


Registration: Contact Rev. Betty Jo Lomax, Office of Registrar  (805) 487-2015 ext 200

                      Registration Fee: $150.00 Bachelors/ $300.00 Masters & Doctorate


Degrees Offered


Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology, (2013) - Doctorate of Theology.

(2014) - Bachelor of Biblcial Counseling with NACC License